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I was on national radio!


I was just on @LeoLaporte’s The Tech Guy radio show and podcast episode 763 following Dick DeBartolo @TheGizWiz ‘s segment!

I gave plugs to, and that I’m on twitter as @DisneyEcho — plus talked about the file on iPhone that keeps track of your locations.

I commented that I wasn’t concerned about it keeping track of places I’ve been to. What concerns me is what a waste of space that file becomes after years and years of use — since it keeps getting added on to.

The file started with your very first iPhone and gets transferred to your newer iPhones through iTunes.

I hope Apple fixes this bug and changes it to use a much smaller file that only keeps your recent location, removing all the old location data.

I’m also wondering if this location file is kept on the iPad 3G like it is on the iPhone.

UPDATE: Sat., 4/23 podcast of @LeoLaporte’s The Tech Guy radio show I was on will be on iTunes on Monday, May 2nd — my birthday!

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Virtual Disney Travel – You Make A Story

If you like these DisneyLOL captioned pictures here on the “I Can Has Pixie Dust” blog, I think you’ll enjoy the Disney fun over at our sister blog, seeing the funny “You Make A Story” ongoing virtual adventure. Every day more of the story appears. Check it out!

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You think this is high UP?… -Disney Echo


“You think this is high UP? The Disney Echo is higher than 4,444,444!”

Caption by Rich Koster

Original picture

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What’s wrong, Minnie? -Mickey Mouse


“What’s wrong, Minnie?” “It’s horrible! The Disney Echo’s down!”

Caption by Rich Koster

Original picture


“Oh, Mickey…” “There’s been a failure on the Internets!”

Caption by David Gonterman / DaveykinsFoxFire


“RATS! Where’s Al Gore when we NEED him?!? He’s the father of the Internets iddn’t he?”

Caption by Rich Koster

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