Prince Charming’s glass slipper… -Ariel


“Prince Charming’s glass slipper gotta fit me, ME I tell you, not that Cinderella, ME!”

Caption by Carol Koster.

Original picture by Britt Dietz,


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    Kate said,

    Umm…. ok Ariel. Just calm down. And you know Prince “Charming” is not in your story you know. He’s in Cinderella’s. And, don’t you know that you already have a Prince “Charming?” His name is Eric. You and him got married. And now you wanna break-up with Eric even though he is or was your young true love? And now.. *crys* your making everyone sad. 😦 Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!! All because of you not accepting from Prince “Charming.” And if you don’t calm down, Eric will be sad. Did you know if you break-up with someone and find another one, you break and rip that person’s heart, HEARTBROKEN!!! Now you find Jack Sparrow, Eric is really sad. If I were you, I wouldn’t pick your choice to be rude and accept another one’s. NOW YOU GO BACK WITH ERIC AND SPEND YOUR TIME TOGETHER!!!!!! Just tell Jack Sparrow that you just wanna get your life back together and BOOM!! You get back without hurting eachother’s feelings! Now go and say: Good-bye Jack Sparrow or Johnny! I just need to get back with Eric! Bye!

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